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Patient Information
After Hour Nurse Advice Lines In addition to calling Wheatfield Pediatrics' answering service, you can also speak to a registered nurse at the medical advice line available through your insurance company, free of charge, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Just call and ask for the " Nurse Medical Advice Line"

Wheatfield Pediatrics Answering Service:  1-888-277-4574
Blue Shield of WNY members:   1-800-359-5465
Emblem Health members:          1-877-444-7988
Independent Health members:    1-800-501-3439
Tricare members:                        1-800-874-2273 
Univera Healthcare members:    1-800-348-9786 
Wellcare:                                     1-800-919-8807

Aetna Healthcare members:       1-800-556-1555 
Optum Health                              1-800-423-6763


In The Event Of A Poisoning:

Call Poison Control Help (1-800-222-1222) for all poisoning questions. Then please call our office as well, when you are able, to keep us updated of the situation.

Poison Control Website:

Always call 911 for life-threatening emergencies.

Important Policies


Transferring Medical Records

Transferring medical records works in two directions. Either records are being transferred to Wheatfield Pediatrics from another provider or records are being transferred from our office to another medical provider.

Usually, a signed authorization from a custodial parent is required before records may be released in either direction.

Medical records release forms may be obtained in our office or under the "patient forms" section on this website.

There may be a fee for some forms of record transfer. If records are transferred to another provider from Wheatfield Pediatrics, as a courtesy to you, there will be no charge for the release. If you are requesting medical records for personal use, or anything other than us directly sending them to another provider, a .75 cent per page fee will be charged as allowed by New York State guidelines.


Vaccine Policy Statement

We firmly believe that vaccinating children and young adults is the single most important health promoting intervention we perform as healthcare providers, and that you can perform as parents/caregivers and we recognize that the choice may be a very emotional one for some parents.   If you do not believe that your pediatrician truly wants what is best for your child, or if you do not want your child maximally protected from serious, potentially life threatening disease, then we are not the right practice for you and your family.  Our physicians feel strongly that in order to provide the best possible medical care, a partnership must be forged between the physician and the family. They practice traditional medical care as outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They support the AAP’s immunization guidelines and believe all children have the right to be protected from preventable infectious diseases, with rare medical exceptions.

Immunizations are the single most important medical measure to keep your child healthy.  Some of the illnesses prevented by vaccines are life threatening or can lead to hospitalization or permanent disability.

All vaccines are safe and all vaccines in our office are preservative free.  Vaccine safety has been extensively studied and is constantly monitored. Most side effects are minor (pain at the injection site, fever).  Serious side effects are very rare.  Vaccines do not cause autism or any other serious chronic conditions.  The side effects are extremely tiny compared to the benefits.
If you opt NOT to vaccinate your child, the following may occur:

  1. Your child/family may be refused care at many pediatric practices.
  2. Your child may contract a serious disease and become hospitalized, disabled, or die.
  3. Your child may be subject to exclusion from school or other activities.
  4. Your child may be required to receive extra medical tests and treatments when ill due to lack of protection from preventable illnesses.
  5. Your child, if ill, may put other members of the community, including infants and the elderly, at high risk.
  6. Our discussion about your unvaccinated child may divert attention and energy away from important health issues at the pediatric visits.
  7. If your child receives a revised, untested vaccine schedule, mistakes in administration and gaps in protection are more likely to occur.
If you opt to vaccinate your child, the following will occur:
  1. Your child will be maximally protected against many serious illness including meningitis, measles, polio, and whooping cough.
  2. Your child will receive less than ½ ounce of total injectable vaccine over an 18 year time period and be protected against 14 illnesses.
  3. You will be making the best decision for your child.
  4. You will be helping to protect the vulnerable members of the community.
  5. You will be a partner with your pediatrician in the care of your child.
Minimally acceptable vaccine administration follows the New York State Immunization Requirements for School Entrance and Attendance.
As of 2017, the following vaccines are required:
  • DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) IPV (polio), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis B, Varicella (chickenpox), HIB (hemophilus influenza type B), and Prevnar (pneumococcus), and Meningococcal A vaccine.
The following vaccines, although highly recommended, are not required by New York State for school entrance and attendance:
  • Hepatitis A, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Meningococcal B, and annual Influenza vaccines (Some of these vaccines may be required for travel, college, or employment).
Parents refusing vaccines:
  1. Will be asked to leave the practice.
  2. Ongoing efforts/education will be conducted by Wheatfield Pediatrics to encourage immunization. (For those patients who are established in our practice prior to vaccine policy implementation in June 2015).
New Patient Policy
  1. We do not accept new patient families into our practice that choose not to vaccinate under any circumstances.  
  2. All new patients must agree to be vaccinated to meet NYS requirements.  
  3. All new patients will be required to provide proof of immunizations to our office in order to make an appointment to be seen by any provider. 
  4. Alternate schedules, although discouraged, will be considered as long as coverage is not delayed. (ex. parent wants to receive two immunizations at the 2 month visit and the other two at 3 months).
  5. Medical exemptions will be the only exception to the requirement.
  6. In the opinion of Wheatfield Pediatrics, there are no legitimate religious, philosophical, or moral objections to vaccinations.
  7. All new patients will be asked to sign a copy of the vaccination policy.
  8. Patients will be asked to leave the practice if they are not compliant with our policy.

The web address for detailed vaccine information sheets (V.I.S.) published by the Centers for Disease Control is

Douglas A. Schultz, MD
Joseph C. Wittmann, Jr, MD
AnnMarie Jobes, MD
Victoria Neudecker, DO
Michele Myers, MD
Mark D. Pinzel, RPA-C
Jennifer A. Manka, PNP
Susan M. Stead, PNP
Dominique Guerra, FNP
Lindsay Gliss, PNP

HIPPA Privacy Policy

HIPAA information for patients is available from the Department of Health and Human services. When you visit our office, you will be asked to provide your signature acknowledging your awareness and understanding of this policy. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have of your provider.

Please click on the link below for more information regarding HIPAA laws.


Accepted Insurance Plans

Wheatfield Pediatrics accepts most insurance plans.  Participation in these plans may change without notice.  Our practice participates in the following plans:

  • Aetna/Aetna US Healthcare
  • Azeros
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Buffalo Community Health (Univera)
  • Child Health Plus (Community Blue)
  • Cigna
  • Community Blue
  • Community Blue Advantage
  • Community Care (Community Blue)
  • Connecticut General
  • Emblem Health
  • Empire BC/BS
  • Empire Plan
  • Fidelis
  • First Health
  • GHI
  • Independent Health
  • Custom Coverage
  • Encompass
  • Encompass 65
  • Medisource
  • Magnacare
  • Medicaid (New Patient Newborns Only)
  • Multiplan
  • North Americare
  • North American Preferred
  • Tricare - Standard & Prime
  • Tricare Martins Point - US Family Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
  • Univera Healthcare

New Insurance Tips

  1. Review your insurance cards for accuracy. Make sure that all names, dates of birth and insurance ID numbers are correct and notify your insurance carrier if anything is incorrect before coming to our office to avoid any insurance rejections.
  2. Please show the receptionist upon check-in any new insurance cards you may have received.
  3. You should notify your insurance company and/or employer's human resource department as soon as possible after your baby's birth so your newborn is added to your insurance policy. Please be sure to list one of the following doctors: Joseph Wittmann, Douglas Schultz or AnnMarie Jobes and not Wheatfield Pediatrics. Listing Wheatfield Pediatrics as your child's primary care provider will delay claims processing because the insurance carriers require a specific doctor to be listed as your child's provider. Also, please note that physician referrals to specialists and medical claims will not be considered by your insurance carrier until your newborn is officially added to your insurance policy.

Please note: Please be advised that the Hospital will not notify your insurance carrier of your newborn. Any forms you may complete in the hospital are for their use only.

Payment For Services

At the end of your child's examination, the medical provider will give you an encounter form. He or she will note the type of examination, procedures, tests or medications for which you will be charged. Please stop at the "check-out" window to see if you need any future appointments. Our office is a "fee-for-service" practice and, as such, all co-payments must be paid in full when you check-in at your visit. Fees charged by our office are comparable to those charged by other Pediatricians in the area. We expect payment for services from the parent accompanying the child.  If an absent parent has financial responsibility, we must ask for payment from you and allow you to make reimbursement arrangements with the responsible party.  We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, and Mastercard. 

Please bring current documentation of your health insurance coverage every time you come to the office as you must present your card at each visit. Occasionally a double co-payment is required by some insurance carriers if laboratory services are provided. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding any benefit or co-payment questions.

New Patients that No Show for their initial office appointment will not be permitted to make any further appointments with our office and will not be accepted into the practice per office policy.

Independent Health
Community Blue / Health Now
Univera / Excellus Kaleida Health System


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